PSYCH-KŪ, About Psych-K, Psych-K Advanced, Food & Enviromental Allergy Testing, Food and Supplement Value Testing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Psych-KŪ "Psyche Kinesiology"

Psych-K has so many possible uses that we cannot cover all of the topics here. It has the potential to resolve many issues in just about any aspect of your life.

Psych-K can be looked at as a tool to help align our subconscious beliefs with our dreams, goals, health and happiness.

Life is reflection of what we believe. Going directly to the subconscious and changing these beliefs can be the fastest road to conscious healing.

In Psych-K, the facilitator works together with you, as a team, to communicate and interact with your subconscious mind and your higher intelligence. The Psych-K process consists of a wide range of different "balancing" techniques. These tools make rewriting old beliefs quick and painless. The balance that will be used is chosen by the higher intelligence. You can choose to work on a certain aspect of your life or let the higher intelligence guide you in the most beneficial direction.

*This service can be performed in person, through skype, or by surrogation technique. Sessions can vary to any length of time, but a regular session will usually be completed in about an hour.
-Sessions Prices: $35 per half hour.

Food & Environmental Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

A persons body can face irritation due to certain foods and enviromental factors, often times these can easily be overlooked. With this assesment we can discover items irritating the body.

Supplement & Nutrition Evaluation

Detect malnutrition in the body and find out whether your supplements are helping you out or not.


Please feel free to contact Kevin Williamson with any qestions at the Enhanced Living contact page if you have any further questions or inquiries about these services.